Lash Guide

Visual Guide Coming Soon!


Remove lashes from the tray, taking them by the band, not the strands. On first use, gently bend the band back and forth to loosen the initial shape. 

Measure the lash against your own lash line by resting them on top of your own lashes. Trim any excess length from the outer ends so that the band length matches the length of your natural lash line. 

Apply lash glue to the band and wait at least 45 seconds or more for the glue to get tacky. TIP: Glue should be tacky to the touch, NOT wet and/or stringy, so wait it out! Meanwhile, apply a light coat of mascara to your natural lashes.

When the glue is tacky, apply the lash onto the base of your lash line. TIP: Use tweezers to help hold and apply your lashes for more precision. Attach the middle of the band first, then the outer corner, then the inner corner. This step will get easier and faster with time and practice!

Use tweezers to lightly press your natural lashes and the false lashes together. This will help blend them together and complete the look.

When removing the lashes, use a cotton swab with oil-free makeup remover and run along the lash band to dissolve lash glue. Repeat until lash glue is mostly dissolved so that the lash band will come off easily and cleanly. Carefully tug from the top of the band, and never pull on the lash strands.


When not in use, store the lashes in your chic and sturdy Aether Lashes lash box. After use, carefully clean off any lash glue from the lash band using a mild makeup remover on a cotton swab.